Visa Application

Visa Entry to Malaysia

Please check whether you need a visa before entry to Malaysia or not. If you need a visa, please contact your local visa agent.  

Visitors must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry into Malaysia. The following gives a brief overview of other requirements - full details of visa regulations are available at

Nationals of most countries are given a 30- or 60-day visa on arrival, depending on the expected length of stay. As a general rule, if you arrive by air you will be given 60 days automatically, though coming overland you may be given 30 days unless you specifically ask for a 60-day permit. It's possible to get an extension at an immigration office in Malaysia for a total stay of up to three months. This is a straightforward procedure that is easily done in major Malaysian cities.

Only under special circumstances can Israeli citizens enter Malaysia.

Both Sabah and Sarawak retain a certain degree of state-level control of their borders. Tourists must go through passport control and have their passports stamped whenever they:

  • Arrive in Sabah or Sarawak from Peninsular Malaysia or the federal district of Pulau Labuan
  • Exit Sabah or Sarawak on their way to Peninsular Malaysia or Pulau Labuan
  • Travel between Sabah and Sarawak

When entering Sabah or Sarawak from another part of Malaysia, your new visa stamp will be valid only for the remainder of the period left on your original Malaysian visa. In Sarawak, an easy way to extend your visa is to make a visa run to Brunei or Indonesia (through the Tebedu-Entikong land crossing).


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