18 October - 20 October 2024 // Jilin, China

Chair's Message

It is a great pleasure to host the 10th International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy Technologies ICSGCE 2024 in Jilin, China. On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to participate and be actively involved in the conference and the workshop.

Developing the Smart Grid has become an urgent global priority as its economic, environmental, and societal benefit will be enjoyed by generations to come. Although Smart Grid and Clean Energy technologies present opportunities for utilities and consumers to benefit from the efficient management of energy and carbon reduction, significant challenges need to be addressed to integrate and deploy these relatively new technologies. The focus of this conference and the workshop is on new and innovative integration and deployment in the field of smart grid that can lower energy cost for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse emissions.

The conference with the workshop has become a platform for research and development professionals from all over the world. Academia and industry are meeting to present and exchange ideas, explore enabling technologies, and discuss the state of the Smart Grid infrastructure, software, communications and security. Featured keynote speakers are some of the internationally known smart grid scholars who will highlight the latest smart grid developments and evolutions.

In addition to their technical programs, the ICSGCE 2024 will also provide an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. The Local Committee’s program will arrange one-day trip for all participants to explore Kuching.

We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming you in Jilin, China

ICSGCE Conference Organizing Committee


Conference Secretary
Dr. Chole Chou
Email-id: secretariat@icsgce.org